1. Review

This is the overall picture of your book. It includes the following:

  • I read your book. Then,
  • I prepare a comprehensive review of your book. The following items will be covered

Sentence structure

Plot – is it clear? Does it carry the reader along? Does it end satisfactorily? Is tension maintained? Is it predictable or are there twists?

Plot drop offs – are there bunny trails that end abruptly and never go anywhere?

Character inconsistencies – is Suzy’s hair brown on pg. 41 and blond on pg. 89?

Redundant phrases

Are there repetitious words or phrases?

Are the descriptions/sentences clear or long and wordy?

Does the middle sag?

Point of view – is there head hopping or is POV consistent and proper?

Awkward dialogue – do people really talk like that?

Re-write suggestions

And much more.

  •  A style sheet is created for each character.
  •  A book style sheet ensures consistency throughout your book. Style sheets can come in handy if you’re writing a series, or if you need to make changes in your story. They insure all spellings, numbers, dates, etc., are consistent throughout your book.
  •  A plot timeline can be a huge help in ordering events and showing you where the plot slows down, impeding your story. 
  •  A final proofread after your rewrites.

2. Article Review

This is for blog posts, articles of any kind, newsletters and any written words up to 2500 words. I will edit the same as for a Review (#1), with the exception of style sheets and timelines. No final proofread. Articles are done as close to the same day I receive them as possible. If you need Same Day Service, check with me. A Rush charge may apply. Contact Me

3. Edit

Typographical errors, grammar, word choice, habit words, POV, and weak words are all noted via MS Word Track Changes. Typographical errors are fixed. The others are suggestions, which you can Accept or Reject.

4. Proofread

A final read of your manuscript. Any remaining errors are corrected.


  1. Article Review (See Fiction Listing) Up to 2500 words.
  1. Book edit  (Same as for Fiction Review) plus
  • Continuity in phrasing and any repeated element
  • Logical subject arc throughout each chapter and the book in its entirety. (It’s good to start with a chapter-by-chapter edit, and then a complete book edit when every chapter is complete. )
  • Table of Contents
  • Repeated words/phrases
  • Any other issue related to writing
  • A style sheet

3. Proofread – A final read of your manuscript. Any remaining errors are corrected.

Submission Guidelines

Manuscript must be a MS Word document (.doc or .docx). (Open Office documents are not the same and cannot be used.) Double-spaced, Times Romans 12. Documents must be attached to an email to me at If you have any questions, please feel free to Contact Me.

Payment Details –

I accept payment via Paypal. My paypal email is I ask for 50% down, and 25% at the halfway mark and 25% when completed.

Disclaimer: These lists are not inclusive. There may be other issues with your manuscript not listed here. I will address those issues as if they were listed here. It is impossible to list every possible issue a manuscript might have.

Before any work is begun on your manuscript, a contract must be signed and down payment made.