droppedipadYesterday I went to the eye doctor. I have to have a shot in my eye once a month and so it was kind of a stressful day to begin with. They do numb my eye very well, and I can barely feel it – but still! You don’t put things in your eye – we’ve been taught that since Day Dot. (or your ear, or your nose … )

Before the shot,

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I have been writing and publishing a class on Skillshare. Create Your Own Magazine. I used to do this, about 10 years ago. My magazine was Cotton Spice. It was a quilting magazine. After three years, I was at that ironic point in it’s life: I needed to hire help but couldn’t afford it.

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What’s your hobby? I know – you’re a writer. But you can’t write every single minute – you need downtime. One of the things I do is watercolors and last year I went on a fish binge. Oh, not any kind of fish you’d recognize like a trout or a salmon. Just blobs of watercolor outlined with black pen and they seemed to take on a personality. I painted enough fish to make books for nearly everyone in my family for Christmas and I have schools and schools leftover.

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alvaro-serrano-133360Have you ever asked a few friends to read your latest manuscript and asked them for feedback? Did you get any? Whenever I have done this, I receive many enthusiastic comments. Which are lovely – because I have lovely friends! 🙂 But, they weren’t helpful. The things I needed to know, were not things they were trained to spot.

While it is nice to hear happy comments about your story, the most helpful comments fall under the category of ‘criticism.’

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bunnyThe words will bust out of you in one way or another – you might as well make a story from them. Do you have words hopping around in your head? Are you trying to grab hold of just one of them? Words are like bunnies – grab two and pretty soon you’ll have a whole book full.

You know what I mean. Sitting down to write and then writing are two different things.

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I am participating in the Writing Contest: You Deserve to be Inspired. Hosted by Positive Writer.

I wanted to be a writer. I wanted to sit at my desk and write stories left and right, mailing them to publishers hot off my printer. I’m good enough to be able to do it too. (I told myself)

I’m also a quilter. I make quilts, design them and write the instructions.

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There are some people who believe you can only do the things you have a talent for. I’m not one of them. If you have a desire to learn something, to learn how to do something – you can! I’ve proved it.

I wanted very much to draw, to paint with watercolors and to use colored pencils in art. Basically I like all kinds of art, and if I like it,

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As writers and authors, we’ve all read many self-editing books and articles. We know about showing and not telling, and RUE, and formatting, and all kinds of other things. Today, let’s talk about the obvious.

Punctuation – is it in the proper place? Which sentence is correct?

  • “Why didn’t you tell me”?
  • “Why didn’t you tell me?”

The problem is, we know what it’s supposed to say,

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greatamericannovelWrite with joy. You can paint pictures with words. Your words can make your reader laugh or cry.

Write from your heart. Reach deep into your emotions to touch your reader.

Write with diligence. If your words merit paper, they deserve the hard work to turn them into a story.

Write with commitment. If you’re going to be a writer – Be a Writer. Don’t waffle.

Write uninhibited.

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