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I have been writing and publishing a class on Skillshare. Create Your Own Magazine. I used to do this, about 10 years ago. My magazine was Cotton Spice. It was a quilting magazine. After three years, I was at that ironic point in it’s life: I needed to hire help but couldn’t afford it. I had to let it go. But it was a great run!

Now, everybody has email groups and newsletters. What about creating a magazine (ezine) instead of a newsletter? It’s a thought, isn’t it?  If you think it’s too big a project, I’m here to tell you – it’s not. And I published a class telling you exactly how to do it!

I have a special link for you Create Your Own Magazine Click the link to go to my class. You’ll need to join Skillshare BUT you’ll get 2 months free and after that – it’s not expensive. They have different plans. They also have 17,000 classes to choose from. From Creative to Technology to Business and more. I’ve taken lots of them – FUN! 

And truth be told – I get a little something for everyone who signs up via my link. 🙂 I’m tryin’ to earn a living here!

Check it out! Share with your friends.

See you there 🙂

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