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What’s your hobby? I know – you’re a writer. But you can’t write every single minute – you need downtime. One of the things I do is watercolors and last year I went on a fish binge. Oh, not any kind of fish you’d recognize like a trout or a salmon. Just blobs of watercolor outlined with black pen and they seemed to take on a personality. I painted enough fish to make books for nearly everyone in my family for Christmas and I have schools and schools leftover. Remember this post? 

This is how I combined my writing with fish painting. I gave them all a short conversation that could go under the topic of Dumb Fish Jokes. You kind of have to be in the right frame of mind to understand them. For instance, it helps if you’re really tired, and you’ve had enough day – then they will get you to giggling.

So, you wanna try one? Here’s two fish who have nothing to say to each other. Can you help them out?


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