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There are some people who believe you can only do the things you have a talent for. I’m not one of them. If you have a desire to learn something, to learn how to do something – you can! I’ve proved it.

I wanted very much to draw, to paint with watercolors and to use colored pencils in art. Basically I like all kinds of art, and if I like it, I want to learn how to do it. Last year I set myself on a journey to learn these things. And I did. I drew some things that looked the way they were supposed to. I used watercolors to paint a lifelike pear and a calla lily. I would have to keep working on this every day in order to become good at it, but I’m happy I could do it once. That means I can do it again. I also play with watercolors, as you can see by all my ‘dumb fish cards’.

So, yes, you can learn to write. If you have the desire, you can learn to do anything. This link is to a short video at Khan Academy. It’s titled, You Can Learn Anything (it’s about a minute and a half)

You can take steps to educate yourself on how to write, or you can just start writing. There are many resources online that are free or low cost. When I started writing, I just started writing. I felt like I had the talent – therefore, why would I need instruction? Ha! Let me tell you, I needed instruction! Here are some resources for you to check into:

The blog of C.S. Lakin – she’s been writing her blog for years and it’s worth your while to read every post.

Helping Writers Become Authors – the website of K.M. Weiland. She has fantastic resources and excellent information for you.

TED Talks – this is a link to their page of writing topics. I haven’t watched them all. But if you’ve seen a TED Talk – you know you’ll find something interesting.

I will tell you honestly – writing is hard work. When I’ve completed an intense scene in a story, I’m exhausted. I’ve poured out my own emotions, and my own experiences into this scene – I may as well have been in therapy. But it’s worth it. Try it and see. I dare you 🙂

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