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greatamericannovelWrite with joy. You can paint pictures with words. Your words can make your reader laugh or cry.

Write from your heart. Reach deep into your emotions to touch your reader.

Write with diligence. If your words merit paper, they deserve the hard work to turn them into a story.

Write with commitment. If you’re going to be a writer – Be a Writer. Don’t waffle.

Write uninhibited. Just write. Don’t worry about anything except getting your raw story on paper. Flesh it out later.

Write as you are called. Has He called you to write a particular genre? Period? A series? Write it.

Write without compromise. Write the best sentence you can and then cut it to the bone. Don’t be a lazy writer.

Write with promise. The word promise means a binding agreement. Promise your readers you will provide experience and value in exchange for their loyalty.

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