Why does every writer need an editor? Because we are too close to our stories, we treasure every word we’ve written and the thought of -gulp- deleting some of them makes us want to cry. This book is my baby!

I’m an author – I know. I have to hire an editor for the books I write because I’m too close to them. Every editor is different and has their own set of skills.

My philosophy concerning your book –

My job is to polish your words while preserving your voice. I want your readers to become your fans, eagerly waiting for your next book, and recognizing your style of writing. My hope is to become your partner in putting out the very best book you can. My job is to polish your book to it’s shiniest.

Words are fascinating things. Used correctly, they can make us laugh out loud or cry. It’s all about how we use the words we’ve chosen. Long, sloppy sentences appeal to no one. We want our words to carry a reader forward and through the story, forgetting they are even reading a book.